Brothers vs Others


Model: Sam Norris

Photographer : Andrea Smith @ Studio 57

A couple nights ago Byron, Jeremy, and myself played a three on three basketball game that became epic. Jeremy and I have become completely close as adults because of a lot of similarities we share as adults. So our chemistry has been in one accord for quite some time. That night on the court we was able to sync Byron into that. We lost the first game bad. Byron kept telling about bad passes and mistakes that was being made by Jeremy and I and we kept going back at him with “what are you talking about” and head shakes of damn we losing. Second game hadn’t started and changing up teams was being considered until Jeremy said “we lost together, so we will win together”. Game time baby! In that moment when the ball was check to start the second game it became actually what Byron screamed it to be… BROTHERS VS OTHERS. Each pass became sync from hand to hand. Every turnover or mistake was no longer a problem but an understood accountability to each other that said I will do better at the next opportunity if you trust me with it. The win was ours. The third and final game was underway and seeing the way we function was like watching the gears in a swiss watch move, timed to perfection. We was always know as Tonie’s kids or the Norris kids, but that night we were simply brothers….



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