Each year, Midwest Fashion Week‘s Berny Martin looks to stun his clients and viewers with his exclusive luxury European styled designs. Dresses, threaded with some of the finest fabrics, complimented with suits tailored from the neck to ankles of his male models. Berny continues to showcase his extraordinary collections throughout the Midwest. However, he has taken 2012 to another level. Berny Martin has set the standard at an all time high with his Catou 2012 “He’s International” campaign. With vibrant new button-up shirts, remarkable Euro-executive suits, and the collaboration with prestigious auto company Bentley, Berny has taken Catou on a new journey to greatness.
Berny didn’t stop there! By hiring international male model Sam Norris, he placed the final touches to complete the campaign by elevating the intensity of the sharp look…literally. The young stud has taken his chiseled physique and concealed it into a Catou suit – a form fitting marvel leaving behind the contour structure of high cheek bones and Sam’s piercing eyes.



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