Making his debut return Sam Norris received a encore of screams, whistles, and a roar of claps from the audience when stepping beyond the curtains to lead the showcase of the Catou fashion collection. The Texan/Hoosier (born/raised) made his first appearance back in 2009 fall/winter season of the Midwest Fashion Week  walking for Berny Martin. He also walked the runway for the Catou 2011 spring collection.


“It felt great to be back home to show my appreciation to everyone that support me prior to me leaving off to New York to further my career in modeling”. Sam left soon after the Midwest Fashion Week 2009 being booked to be a TUX model on the runway in Brooklyn Fashion Week [End] for the fashionable Sachika Twins. “Being able to have family see me make my appearance here without having to travel to NYC makes it easier for them to enjoy my work. Plus, it’s a humbling experience to know the level of love I’ve gained from peers and those who want to pursue dreams in the modeling industry”. Nothing but welcomes, hugs, and hand shakes as everyone in the fitting room could identify that Sam had arrived ready for business and anticipating the fun. Greeted by Wilhelmina model Tyri Rudolph, Atlanta male model Dominick Gordon and many others more. 

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