It took nothing more than the little people (children) in the conference room getting prepared for their first big break in front of a camera crew. No one told Sam that morning that he was going to be making a morning appearance to hang with the children participating in the Midwest Fashion Week’s Children’s Show. Each year Midwest Fashion Week, partnered with Down Syndrome Indiana, hosts a children’s fashion show to allow children with and without down syndrome to strut the runway together.


“OH MY GOD, let me tell you”, Sam enthused when recapturing the moment, “they kept me laughing, blushing, and on my toes with questions asked left and right about being a model. I was sitting in this huge conference room with the children while they were either getting their hair styled, make-up done, or dressed. It made me think of the movie The Little Rascals, the fashion version. And yes, there was a Delilah in the room!” To hear the passion and love for children bleeding from Sam was a small shock. Later, I found out that Sam has been working with kids all his life – first starting with his sibling (he is the oldest of 5) and then while pursuing a Social Work and Child Welfare degree at the University of Saint Francis. Our international model continues to amaze us both in front of and behind the camera.


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